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Members of PHIL 3293, Environmental Ethics.

The change in administrations following the 2016 elections has led to controversial proposals to change policies regarding our society’s relationship with the natural environment. Students in this course used ethical concepts to evaluate some of these proposed changes. In addition, they paid special attention to the way scientific information is used in debates about environmental policy.

The students presented their work on websites they developed using OU Create. This website serves as a gateway to all these projects. The site is organized by the broad topics students investigated: proposed changes regarding water quality and air quality; policies regarding energy production; changes in national monuments; and some other topics. Students joined topic groups and assisted each other as they worked on their own projects. Each broad topic has a page, which explains it briefly and has links to the respective student websites.

The About page has more information about the course, including the syllabus and the guidelines the students followed to produce their projects.