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This site was designed to support a roundtable session at the 2015 Western Political Science Association meeting that sought to explore ways the idea of habitability might be used in Environmental Political Theory. (Please see the Call for abstracts for an explanation of our topic.) But, in keeping with the roundtable format, we did not do extended presentations of our papers, but instead gave very brief opening statements and launched directly into the discussion, with the audience.

We used this blog to get a running start on that discussion. Each of us posted his abstract on a page, and commented on each other’s ideas (click on the names in the menu bar above to see).

During the session we presented some of the exchanges recorded here, and responded to questions and critiques from the audience. But we very much want that conversation to continue. We invite you to join in our post-conference discussion by adding comments directed at a particular panelist on his page, or general comments on the topic on this page. (Initial comments will be moderated to block spam and to ensure relevance and civility, so won’t appear immediately. Subsequent comments will go up directly.)

Note that there will be another formal discussion of the topic of habitability in two panels, including papers by several additional scholars, at the American Political Science Association meeting in September, 2015. We will launch a new blog to serve those sessions soon.

Peter Cannavò
George Davis
Tim Luke
Andy Scerri
Zev Trachtenberg