Author-Supplied Pairings Between Posts

This graph represents relationships the authors see between their posts and others in this project. It reflects a kind of aggregated authorship--not the joint authorship of a single argument, but rather a representation of some of the similarities and differences the authors see within the full set of posts.

A goal for this graph is to provide advice to the reader on how to navigate through the collection. It is meant to be a tool for conveying the authors' suggestions about how to read particular posts together--in specific sequences or simply in conjunction with each other. We hope that it helps readers identify pathways along which posts build on each other's meaning. In particular, for each post the graph suggests another that reinforces it, as well as one that provides a contrasting outlook (see instructions below).

We developed the graph as follows. After all the posts were written the authors met to identify themes that emerged across the series--see the Themes View. Keeping in mind those themes, the views taken on them, and also the approaches taken in the various posts (see the Approaches View), the authors then provided suggestions for posts to read alongside their own. For each of their posts they identified one they saw as broadly similar, and one they saw as broadly different--where the similarities and differences could be articulated in terms of the approaches and themes found across the set.

The graph thus expresses the authors' reflections on the relationships they discerned among the posts: