List of Posts

Antonio Castro (Conservation Biology)
reading post on "A Safe Operating Space for Humanity"
Habitability as a commons: Fearing a tragedy of human(ized) nature

Kiza Gates (Ecology)
reading post on "Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers"
Implications of Manufacturing Habitability

Asa Randall (Archeology)
reading post on "Diachronous Beginnings of the Anthropocene: The Lower Bounding Surface of Anthropogenic Deposits"
Habitability's Non-Inevitability

Ingo Schlupp (Biology)
reading post on "'Concluding Remarks' on Animal Ecology and Demography"
Memes as a Dimension of the Human Niche

Lynn Soreghan (Geology)
reading post on "Loess: The Yellow Earth"
The Dust of Civilization

Noah Theriault (Anthropology)
reading post on "Principles of Tsawalk: An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis"
Toward a More Than Human Anthropocene

Zev Trachtenberg (Philosophy)
reading post on "Of Property"
Toward an Ethics of Niche Construction

Meghan Weiters (City Planning)
reading post on "Building 'Equitable' Urban Resilience: The Challenge for Cities"
Advancing Equity and Going Beyond Basic Survival