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This site is designed to support two panels at the 2015 American Political Science Association devoted to Habitation, Habitability, and Justice:

Panel 1 Panel 2
Sun., 9/6, 8:00-9:45, Hilton, Union Square 24 Sun., 9/6, 10:15-12:00, Hilton, Union Square 24
Presenters: Presenters:
Peter F. Cannavò, Hamilton College
Habitation, Republican Citizenship and Climate Disruption
Tim Luke, Virginia Tech.
Habitats and Environments: The Politics of Habitants
David Schlosberg & Luke Craven, U. of Sydney
Environmentalism, everyday life and justice: Community food and energy movements
George Davis, Marshall U.
Unnatural Habitats: Commodification and Politics of Displacement in Appalachia
Yogi Hendlin, U. of Vienna
Habitats and habitus: Outside mediation to find our fit
Zev Trachtenberg, U. of Oklahoma
Adam Smith on habitability and a normative approach to human niche construction
Andy Scerri, Virginia Tech.
Is holistic habitation desirable? Creating space for ‘soft’ dualistic habitation
Manuel Arias-Maldonado, U. of Malaga
Will the humble inherit the Earth? Towards a realistic politics of habitation
Jenn Lawrence, Virginia Tech.
Uninhabitable: Representations and Realities of Resilience
Sarah Surak, Salisbury University
Habitus of the future?: Habitations metabolisms, infrastructure, and liberatory ecologies

At the sessions the presenters will give only brief overviews of their papers in order to leave as much time possible for discussions. The purpose of this blog is to begin discussion before the meeting. There are pages with abstracts of the presentations–click the links above, or use the menu bar. In advance of the meeting we will respond to each other’s ideas so that in San Francisco we can have working sessions, where we advance our ideas further. We invite you to participate in this process by asking questions or commenting on our views, and then joining us at the sessions for the conversation. (Initial comments will be moderated to block spam and to ensure relevance and civility, so won’t appear immediately. Subsequent comments will go up directly.)

These panels build on a similar session held at WPSA in April–see the About page. You can see the abstracts and discussion by clicking the WPSA Session item on the top menu.